Secure Offsite Backup

Blink backup is a secure offsite backup service to protect your important business data.

Easy to set up and use
Simply download our easy to use backup software, select the files and folders you wish to include in the backup and set the schedule. Your selected data will be backed up automatically according to the schedule you have set, daily, weekly etc.

Fully automatic
Backups are fully automatic, and are normally run after hours. So when you start work the next day you will know your data is safe. In the event of a hardware failure or other problem, you can simply login and download your most recent backup.

Your data is stored securely on our servers which employ enterprise class hard drives, fault tolerant systems, redundant power supplies and cooling systems, and are protected from power outages and faults.

Your data is backed up using your Internet connection and stored on our servers. So there is no hardware to buy or maintain, and nothing to wear out.

Your data is encrypted prior to uploading it and remains so whilst on our servers.

You get full 24/7 access to your data and can restore individual files and folders or a complete backup set at any time.

Safeguard your valuable data today with our online backup service.